Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1st Grade School Lunch - Day 15

Ham & Cheese Football sandwich, with mini dill pickles, mini bell pepper rings, GoGurt, Apple Slices and fruit snacks!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

1st Grade Lunch - Day 14

Day 13 is missing, but my son wanted hot lunch...ok, mom was lazy and didn't get his lunch made the night before, and really didn't feel like making it that morning, so I let him have hot lunch...believe me, he didn't complain haha

Homemade Lunchable with GF cheddar crackers, ham and cheese, apple sauce, Pirate Booty, Sugar-Snap Peas and candy pumpkins

Thursday, September 18, 2014

1st Grade School Lunch - Day 12

Summer Sausage & Cheese monster kabobs, Go Gurt, Kiwi, mini bell pepper rings, Pringles Pizza sticks, and candy pumpkins

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

1st Grade School Lunch - Day 11

Today I let my little man make his own lunch! I did help him with making his sandwich, but he chose everything that he put in it. Today he has a Nutella and Sprinkle panda bear sandwich, kiwi slices, cherry tomatoes fresh out of the garden, GoGurt, Gluten-Free Cookies and a few "bloody bones" (hiding by the bear and yogurt).

Monday, September 15, 2014

1st Grade Lunch - Day 10

No I haven't lost it and counted wrong, ok I may have lost it a long time ago, but that's another story...my little guy was home sick on Day 8, and Day 9 we had to go out of town for a Dentist appointment for him! So he's already missed two days...if it's anything like last year, there will be many more missed days in the future.

BUT....I was excited! I ordered a few new cookie cutters to start playing around with my little guys lunches...and for the Princess when she starts school next year! Tonight I played with panda bear cut outs! How fun..I did chop the tip of his little ear off, but hey it gives him character...right!?!?

Ham & Cheese "panda" sandwich, Skeleton Cheetos, fresh carrots from our garden, nectarine slices, and Gluten-Free cookies

1st Grade Lunch - Day 7

Leftover Hawaiian pizza, apple slices, red pepper slices, Skeleton shaped Cheetos, and Gluten-free cookies

1st Grade Lunch - Day 6

Ham & Cheese sandwich, fresh carrots from our garden, yogurt covered raisins, chips & salsa and sliced apples